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As a garage mechanic and/or fitter, you want to be able to serve your customers quickly and efficiently, whether this is at the counter or by telephone, with Qweon's solutions you have all the necessary information available within a few moments to offer a customer a suitable product at the best price.

With an extensive range of optional modules, you can work more efficiently as a garage mechanic or fitter and save time and energy for what is important to you.

With the modules workshop planner and tire hotel you will have a complete overview available in one environment.

With the extensive search and filter options within Qweon, you and your employees can quickly and easily find the right products.



Workshop planner

Insight into the planned and performed activities within your organization.

Fully customizable, create unlimited locations & workplaces and determine the available times per workplace, add employees, and determine which activities you want to include in the planner, and how much time is needed for this.
You can schedule appointments and activities internally at the desk, if desired, customers can schedule appointments themselves via the platform. In the management environment you can see at a glance who has which tasks on a day.

The planner can also be linked to the tire hotel, so customers have the freedom to choose a day and time for the season change.

Make an appointment:

Checking and confirming an appointment in the management environment:

After saving, the appointment is fixed in the planner:



Tire hotel

With the tire hotel module you can easily register and manage tires or sets that go in or out of storage.
There are several ways to search for sets in storage. Based on license plate number, personal details, location, status or season, so you can quickly find the right set again at all times. As an option the customer can choose whether they want to have the set cleaned.

B2B customers can manage sets in their own environment and make arrangements for the collection or delivery of stored sets.

Once the tire change has been carried out, you simply send an invoice for the work performed.

Optionally, scanners can be used for the registration of incoming and outgoing sets.

Tire hotel search form


Extensive search functions

Search rims, tires or wheel accessories by license plate or by brand / model / type of vehicle:

Search tires by size (quick search) or by specifications:

Search rims by specifications:

Search TPMS sensors by specifications or brand:


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