In 2009 the idea came from the market to be able to offer and sell tires and rims based on a selected vehicle using a software package or web shop.

After a long development phase, the first software was introduced in 2012. In the following years, several software packages were released. For the various packages, optional additional modules were developed in response to further market demands, such as the license plate module, workshop planner and tire hotel.

In addition to the users, during the further roll-out in the market, more and more manufacturers and suppliers became convinced of the power of our packages. As a result, more and more product data is being supplied directly. These are checked and read into our database in the correct order.

Our own gigantic database is updated daily with the latest vehicles and products, such as tire and rim information. This information is constantly being enriched with new vehicle links.

The positive sounds of users in the Netherlands were soon noticed outside the national borders and meant that our applications can now also be found in the European market.