Qweon data engines, the new name for WCC Software, is an independent software company for the international Automotive industry with a specialization in the tire and wheel industry. Reliability, accuracy and speed are the three principles for all our software applications.

Under the increasing transparency in the market, Qweon's right to exist is formed by providing reliable data such as product information and vehicle links through a number of unique software applications.


Qweon data engines aims to become the leading software supplier in the 5 most important countries of Europe in the coming 3 years except Germany and Austria, for the tires and wheel industry.

Our objective is that 50% of all sales within the Netherlands and Belgium will be realized through the (counter) sales software of Qweon. The most important points to achieve these objectives are:

  • further expand the database and keep it fully up-to-date, the quality of which remains above quantity
  • further expand and broaden the vehicle clutches, also through the license plate clutch
  • offering user-friendly software, tailor-made for all users, target groups and market segments
  • further expand and intensify partnerships with manufacturers
  • to enter into new partnerships with regard to the publication of market information

Short-term objectives :

  • Realization of suspension in the package
  • Purchasing module, the direct transfer of purchase orders to suppliers
  • Inventory registration
  • Links with various accounting packages
  • Links with leasing companies in the Netherlands and Belgium