Modules Overview


Below is an overview of the various optional modules as an extension of the Qweon packages.
Are you looking for something specific that is not in the list below? Contact us.



Webshop & website extensions

To manage your website and webshop even better and to make your company even more visible on the internet, we offer various optional modules. Do you have questions about these modules? Contact us.


Photo gallery

Simply and clearly place photos of your company's activities and products sold and installed.
Folders can be created according to your own wishes, such as car brands or activities

Optionally, on a product page of a rim in the shop, you can have the relevant rim mounted under different vehicles displayed.

*Additional hosting fees may apply depending on the number of photos you upload.





SEO Module

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
This means improving the website in such a way that the search engine can read it better and thus estimate its value properly.

With the Qweon SEO module you create unique landing pages for alloy wheels to optimize and increase findability in Google, in the future this will also be possible for tires.

Determine the title, description and image of a rim yourself. This description will also be visible in the webshop.
To be set up at both brand and model level.

With this feature you make a difference when it comes to findability on the internet.


Plus package

More extensive product views and filter options.

With the plus package you and your customer have the option to switch between different views.

There are currently 3 layouts available: Extensive, Compact and Tile view*.
In addition, it is also possible to adjust the filters to your own liking.

With this you determine which filters you want to show and which should be hidden, the order of the filters can also be set up according to your own wishes.

*In the B2C display module it is only possible to make the tile display visible for rims.


B2C display

Instead of displaying each rim separately, group rims by model.

A consumer initially chooses a product based on a product photo.

That is why Qweon has developed the B2C display, with which each model will only be displayed once instead of each size or variant as a separate product.

The specifications and different options are only displayed on the product page itself.
On the product page you can then switch between different sizes, the prices are automatically adjusted after selection.

There are 3 options within this module:

1. rims grouped by image
2. rims grouped by image with extra large image 
3. rims grouped by image with extra large image showing the available inch sizes 

Contact us for a demo and for the rates of these extensions.

Standard display:

1. rims grouped by image:

2. rims grouped by image with extra large image:

3. rims grouped by image with extra large image showing the available inch sizes:

On the product page, the various options can now be viewed per inch size:


B2C Helper

With the B2C helper a consumer-friendly way of searching is made possible, it helps the customer to choose the right product more easily.
Before the webshop is shown, the B2C customer will get a simplified search screen with limited options. This will guide the customer through the initial selection process.

For license plate searches, the "license plate search" module is required.
It is possible to style the B2C helper according to your own wishes at an additional cost, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.


B2B sales environment

This module gives B2B customers the opportunity to set and display their own sales prices in your shop by means of setting up a surcharge or discount in their own B2B account.
This way, a B2B customer can quickly and easily realize sales by using your Qweon package.

     The customer can select a category in his own account where a surcharge / discount should be set.

     A surcharge / discount must first be set for the entire category.

     Subsequently, brand specific surcharge / discount can be set.

     In the shop, the customer can now easily switch between his own purchase and sales prices.


B2B display large images

Show larger and clearer photos in the product overviews.

     Standard display:

     Display B2B large images:


Preferred Brands

With the Preferred Brands module you have the option to select a number of brands per customer group and per product category to display them higher in the search results.
Setting preferred brands will affect, for example, price sorting, these brands will always be shown first .

A maximum of 3 brands can be selected per category. 




FTP Export

In the Qweon package, own stocks and/or prices can easily be sent to your own customers via FTP.

Qweon creates an FTP account for your customer, you then choose how often the stocks and/or prices should be sent per day.
After correctly setting the data to be sent, this is fully automated via the Qweon system.


Configure payment provider

Offering different payment options increases the conversion of your webshop, for example iDeal is indispensable in the Netherlands nowadays.
Offering multiple payment methods gives both you as a webshop owner and the customer more flexibility.

We already have connections with Buckaroo, Icepay, Mollie, Omnikassa, Paypal,, Sisow, ideal, etc.
* Existing providers can be set up for a one-off fee, payment providers that do not yet exist can be developed on request.




Customers and employees work faster and more efficiently with access to the right product data. We provide data and/or dataconnections that quickly and easily display the right products after searching for vehicle and/or filterdata.


Module TPMS

Search for suitable TPMS sensors on the vehicle and/or on the rim.

Since the introduction of the legislations regarding TPMS sensors, the demand for TPMS sensors and the technical knowledge about them has increased enormously and will increase even further in the coming years.

A number of factors are necessary for the correct operation of a TPMS sensor.

You can also link all suppliers within our software for sensors, provided that the correct data is supplied to us.
The relearn procedure, which depends on the vehicle on which the sensors are installed, is displayed in the search results.
This way you always have the right information.

  • Can be used as a separate module and can be linked to almost all Qweon software products
  • TPMS sensors linked to rim and car
  • Instant overview of which sensor is available
  • Relearn procedures are displayed with the search results found
  • TMPS database can also be used as Data on Request


Module Truck & Agricultural Tires

The Truck & Agricultural Tires module is developed for truck tire specialists who also want to experience the
ease and speed of our software. Unlike passenger car tyres, these tires have a specific difference in the axle, the application and the profile.
In our module, these options can be selected separately so that targeted searches and filters can be made.

This quickly leads to the desired search result, whereby it is immediately visible under which purchasing conditions the tires are or are not available from one's own suppliers.
The module can be used as an extension to Qweon's 'normal' tire and rim package or as a stand-alone software package for the truck & agricultural tire specialists.

  • New and renewed (cover) truck tires available
  • Sorting options by vehicle type
  • Search functions by position and deployment
  • Truck & agricultural tires with correct images
  • Can be set with delivery times from the supplier
  • Includes all seasons, M+S and Snowflake encodings

Extra features

  • Additional search functions such as vehicle type and deployment
  • Truck and agricultural tires sorted by axle, per season
  • Up-to-date gross price list of the importers


Module Wheel accessories

At the moment there are already more than 1,000 different centering rings in our database, including more than 250 different centering sleeves.

In addition, with the wheel accessories module, the data offer in Qweon will be expanded considerably with additional product groups; including spacers, wheel bolts & nuts and carriage bolts will be added in the near future.

With this new module you are able to offer wheel accessories to customers. These are easy to search by registration number, vehicle or via a number of smart filters.


Module Suspension

With the Suspension module, everything for the chassis can now also be offered via the Qweon sales packages, which are easy to search for based on registration number, vehicle, brand or specifications.

This includes the following parts:

  • Lowering springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Coilover kits
  • Stabilizers
  • Air suspension
  • Steering parts

This new module offers you the opportunity to generate extra turnover in a rapidly changing and complex market.

It is also possible to import own brands (OEM) into the various Suspension product groups to offer them within your own Qweon environment.




Vehicle data

Customers and employees work faster and more efficiently with Qweon's vehicle data. We provide data and/or dataconnections with which the correct vehicle (and associated data) can be found quickly and easily.


License plate search function

License plate search function on request

The license plate search function is a separate module that can be linked to virtually any Qweon package.
This extra search function, in addition to the quick search and the search by vehicle, makes it even easier for the user to find a vehicle and find the right parts.

  • In addition to Dutch license plates, other European countries are also possible
  • Can be linked as a separate module to virtually all software products from Qweon
  • Increase consumer convenience
  • The correct technical data available at all times
  • Can be opened up to B2C and/or B2B customers
  • Max. number of requests can be set per day

If many license plates are searched for per month (>1000), please contact us for a tailor-made offer.


HSN/TSN search function

With the HST/TSN search module you can request all necessary vehicle data for vehicles registered outside the Netherlands.
In this way you can link the products in your shop to vehicles for the European market, this function is comparable to the license plate search function


VIN search function

With the VIN (vehicle identification number or chassis number) search function you can request all necessary vehicle data for vehicles registered outside the Netherlands.
In this way you can link the products in your shop to vehicles for the European market, this function is comparable to the license plate search function.





Qweon can provide for all automation needs. Below are some standard logistics modules that we offer. Do you have questions about one of these modules or are you looking for another automation solution? Contact us.


Logistics WMS

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is used to control the flow of goods within a company.

A WMS results in higher efficiency, flexibility and quality and is therefore a very important link in the entire warehouse organization.
Employees can generate more work in less time by having what they need at exactly the right time.

Extensive stock and location management of products within the Qweon environment.


Workshop planner

Correct and accurate planning is crucial for any company.

The Qweon workshop planner can be used within your organization as a separate software module or integrated into virtually all Qweon software products.
You can plan appointments and activities directly from the sales desk.
It is also possible to integrate this into your webshop so that customers can make their own appointments, for example for a tire change or the collection of an order.

In a changing society, a good online planning module is indispensable for every company.

  • At all times insight into the activities within your company
  • Always insight into the planned, spent and available hours of employees
  • Quick and clear overview per workplace
  • Can be used both internally and externally (online)
  • Decide for yourself which days appointments can be scheduled and which cannot, for example, holidays can be excluded
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Easy to link to payment module, also for advance and down payments
  • Integrally linked to the delivery times of external suppliers
  • The system is fully adjustable by means of a user-friendly back office
  • In combination with with the (optional) integration of the Qweon Tire Hotel, tire changes can be easily planned and managed by your customers or yourself

Ways of planning

  • Categorized by activities
  • Planning possible per technician and workplace
  • Multiple (company) locations possible in one system
  • Multiple workplaces (lift bridges) can be set up
  • Multiple employees can be set
  • Create all types of work activities yourself according to your own wishes

An efficient and optimal planner for your company, user-friendly for both staff and consumers.


Tire hotel

A tire hotel is an interesting source of income for more and more companies.
After all, both consumers and B2B customers have a great need for storage space.
In order to keep a good and clear overview in the tire hotel, an expert
registration is of vital importance. Our Tire Hotel module provides various ways to register and search for sets.


  • Set up storage locations according to your own wishes
  • Registration of both B2C and B2B customers
  • Possibility of registration via scanners
  • Simply register the tread depth
  • Sort function by tread depth
  • Export to Excel
  • Schedule tire changes in combination with the Workshop planner
  • Invoicing when tires are collected or issued (optional)
  • Search functions by number plate, name, stock location, profile depth, among others

B2B customers can manage sets in their own environment and make arrangements for the collection or delivery of stored sets.

Once the tire change has been carried out, you simply send an invoice for the work performed.

Optionally, scanners can be used for the registration of incoming and outgoing sets.

* Also available as a separate module, please contact us for the possibilities.



Data on Request via API - an API by programmers for programmers

We provide your own application or webshop with correct vehicle data.
Our powerful API makes it easy to see which tires / rims / TPMS sensors and more fit on a vehicle.

Our data engines, connect your business

Our system returns the results in XML format.
You can translate these products yourself to your own website. 




  Click here for more information

  • Access to all products and brands in our database
  • Tyres, Steel and alloy rims and TPMS sensors and more
  • Reliable configuration to vehicles
  • Connect all suppliers
  • Set up separate customer groups with specified pricing
  • Delivery times and shipping costs from suppliers can be set
  • Send orders from your own environment directly to the supplier
  • Minimum reliability can be set per supplier
  • License plate search function can be linked optionally




Connections accounting packages

Automate the import of orders and synchronizing of stock in accounting packages.
The following are some connections that we have already realized. Do you have questions about one of these or is your accounting package not listed? Contact us.


Connection with Cash

  • Contact us for the possibilities and rates



Connection with Exact "basis and stock" optional connection to "orders and accounts"

  • Optional integration with orders and accounts possible
  • Module connection with Exact "basis and stock" is required for connection with "orders and accounts"
  • Contact us for the possibilities and rates




Connection with Snelstart, basis and stock

  • Contact us for the possibilities and rates



Connection with King

  • Contact us for the possibilities and rates



Connection with Gaston

  • Contact us for the possibilities and rates



Connection with Carsystem

  • Contact us for the possibilities and rates


Connection with Softwheels

  • Contact us for the possibilities and rates