Smart purchasing of tires and rims

The purchase of tires and rims is an important part of the business process for many companies. Purchase prices and delivery times often determine from which supplier the products are ordered. There is often no clear overview of purchase prices and delivery times. In many cases, the most favorable choice is not transparent, resulting in unnecessary costs and wasted time. Valuable time that, for example, counter staff would rather spend on something else.

Smart purchasing of tires and rims

An efficient purchase system

Qweon provides an overview per tire or rim of the suppliers who are able to supply the product. The purchase price and delivery time are shown here, but also the real-time stock and the 'order before' time are visible. It is also possible to place an order directly in Qweon.

    • The cheapest option will always be visible: cost reduction
    • It is no longer necessary to visit different order environments: time savings