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As an importer of tyres, wheels and wheel accessories, a B2B webshop is indispensable, with Qweon's solutions you are provided with a modern and secure sales system where B2B customers log in to your sales environment to immediately view prices and stocks.

By creating multiple customer groups with different price settings, customers can be classified according to your own wishes on the basis of turnover/discounts.  
Due to the central product database and extensive customer group and discount structure, Qweon can provide the entire dealer network with the correct product information, availability and pricing.

This can also be combined with products and stocks from other suppliers, so that the dealers are offered a total package through the importer.



All product data, prices and stocks available to the dealer network.

Dealers can log into the system for prices and availability, including those of the linked suppliers.
Each dealer is linked to a specific customer group with applicable pricing.

Using the BackOffice, different price structures can be set and assigned to an unlimited number of customer groups.
Prices can be set up on the basis of product category or brand level.


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