Automate logistics

It is important to serve customers, bots business and private on the best way possible and make no mistakes. The logistics process is therefore becoming increasingly important. The demand to automate logistics processes has been rising sharply for several years. Automation reduces the chance of making mistakes and saves entrepreneurs a lot of time. Qweon offers various modules that help automate the logistics process. As a result, various parts of that process can be organized more efficiently. 


With our Warehouse Management System you can create locations, warehouses and racks. It is then possible to assign an exact location to a product that is in stock. Qweon is able to develop tailor-made receipts that can be generated in different ways. This simplifies the handling process for both your counter and warehouse employees. For example, our WMS is suitable for managing stock flows of, for example, new or used tyres, from purchasing to shipping. 

Tire hotel

In many cases, a tire hotel is used as an additional source of income. In addition, it is also good for building a closer relationship with the customer, both business and private. Managing a tire hotel has its own challenges. Without a clear way of working, a mistake is easily made. Qweon helps entrepreneurs to keep an overview using the Tire Hotel module. Tires can easily be stored at specific locations, including linking to persons or vehicles.