Of course you are not able to keep all products in stock yourself. For that reason you work together with importers and wholesalers. You can often search for availability and prices through online access in the stocks of your suppliers. But do you always look at all your suppliers?

You don not do this. You often look out of convenience or habit, but with a select number of suppliers, except when a product is difficult to obtain, people sometimes want to consult the forgotten suppliers. To do this, you must consult the online environment of each supplier separately, which is quite a time-consuming process.

Do the situations below look familiar to you?

Recognizable ?

The solution !

You often check availability and prices with just a few of your suppliers.

Qweon shows all your suppliers, their availability and their prices in your own environment. Opening a screen is therefore sufficient for everything. No limits.

To determine the final selling price, a price calculation needs to be done every time.

With the BackOffice you can set and allocate all your pricing to an unlimited number of customer groups. Both B2C and B2B.

Your B2B customers constantly ask for prices and availability by telephone.

Your B2B customers can log into your system for prices and availability, including those of your suppliers. Every B2B customer is linked to a specific customer group with appropriate pricing.

There must always be someone present within your company who can make a quotation (sale).

Because you have translated your own calculation methods into your sales package, everyone, regardless of function and position, can make a quotation. This increases your staff flexibility.

Making quotes is time-consuming, especially in busy times such as the winter periods.

By means of the quotation function you or your B2B customer realize within 1 minute a pdf or e-mail quotation with all images, tire labels and possibly alternative options.

Selecting a wide set of tires as well as the availability of the set is very time-consuming.

With the auto search function, the front and rear tires are shown next to each other in the results screen and you can immediately see their availability.

You do not always have the knowledge whether a set of rims, steel or alloy is suitable for a certain vehicle.

Through the vehicle search function the right rims are shown with the correct tire size. The accuracy of this information is guaranteed by the relevant importer or manufacturer of the displayed product.