Modules Logistics




Qweon can provide for all automation needs. Below are some standard logistics modules that we offer. Do you have questions about one of these modules or are you looking for another automation solution? Contact us.


Logistics WMS

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is used to control the flow of goods within a company.

A WMS results in higher efficiency, flexibility and quality and is therefore a very important link in the entire warehouse organization.
Employees can generate more work in less time by having what they need at exactly the right time.

Extensive stock and location management of products within the Qweon environment.


Workshop planner

Correct and accurate planning is crucial for any company.

The Qweon workshop planner can be used within your organization as a separate software module or integrated into virtually all Qweon software products.
You can plan appointments and activities directly from the sales desk.
It is also possible to integrate this into your webshop so that customers can make their own appointments, for example for a tire change or the collection of an order.

In a changing society, a good online planning module is indispensable for every company.

  • At all times insight into the activities within your company
  • Always insight into the planned, spent and available hours of employees
  • Quick and clear overview per workplace
  • Can be used both internally and externally (online)
  • Decide for yourself which days appointments can be scheduled and which cannot, for example, holidays can be excluded
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Easy to link to payment module, also for advance and down payments
  • Integrally linked to the delivery times of external suppliers
  • The system is fully adjustable by means of a user-friendly back office
  • In combination with with the (optional) integration of the Qweon Tire Hotel, tire changes can be easily planned and managed by your customers or yourself

Ways of planning

  • Categorized by activities
  • Planning possible per technician and workplace
  • Multiple (company) locations possible in one system
  • Multiple workplaces (lift bridges) can be set up
  • Multiple employees can be set
  • Create all types of work activities yourself according to your own wishes

An efficient and optimal planner for your company, user-friendly for both staff and consumers.


Tire hotel

A tire hotel is an interesting source of income for more and more companies.
After all, both consumers and B2B customers have a great need for storage space.
In order to keep a good and clear overview in the tire hotel, an expert
registration is of vital importance. Our Tire Hotel module provides various ways to register and search for sets.


  • Set up storage locations according to your own wishes
  • Registration of both B2C and B2B customers
  • Possibility of registration via scanners
  • Simply register the tread depth
  • Sort function by tread depth
  • Export to Excel
  • Schedule tire changes in combination with the Workshop planner
  • Invoicing when tires are collected or issued (optional)
  • Search functions by number plate, name, stock location, profile depth, among others

B2B customers can manage sets in their own environment and make arrangements for the collection or delivery of stored sets.

Once the tire change has been carried out, you simply send an invoice for the work performed.

Optionally, scanners can be used for the registration of incoming and outgoing sets.

* Also available as a separate module, please contact us for the possibilities.