Modules Productdata



Customers and employees work faster and more efficiently with access to the right product data. We provide data and/or dataconnections that quickly and easily display the right products after searching for vehicle and/or filterdata.


Module TPMS

Search for suitable TPMS sensors on the vehicle and/or on the rim.

Since the introduction of the legislations regarding TPMS sensors, the demand for TPMS sensors and the technical knowledge about them has increased enormously and will increase even further in the coming years.

A number of factors are necessary for the correct operation of a TPMS sensor.

You can also link all suppliers within our software for sensors, provided that the correct data is supplied to us.
The relearn procedure, which depends on the vehicle on which the sensors are installed, is displayed in the search results.
This way you always have the right information.

  • Can be used as a separate module and can be linked to almost all Qweon software products
  • TPMS sensors linked to rim and car
  • Instant overview of which sensor is available
  • Relearn procedures are displayed with the search results found
  • TMPS database can also be used as Data on Request


Module Truck & Agricultural Tires

The Truck & Agricultural Tires module is developed for truck tire specialists who also want to experience the
ease and speed of our software. Unlike passenger car tyres, these tires have a specific difference in the axle, the application and the profile.
In our module, these options can be selected separately so that targeted searches and filters can be made.

This quickly leads to the desired search result, whereby it is immediately visible under which purchasing conditions the tires are or are not available from one's own suppliers.
The module can be used as an extension to Qweon's 'normal' tire and rim package or as a stand-alone software package for the truck & agricultural tire specialists.

  • New and renewed (cover) truck tires available
  • Sorting options by vehicle type
  • Search functions by position and deployment
  • Truck & agricultural tires with correct images
  • Can be set with delivery times from the supplier
  • Includes all seasons, M+S and Snowflake encodings

Extra features

  • Additional search functions such as vehicle type and deployment
  • Truck and agricultural tires sorted by axle, per season
  • Up-to-date gross price list of the importers


Module Wheel accessories

At the moment there are already more than 1,000 different centering rings in our database, including more than 250 different centering sleeves.

In addition, with the wheel accessories module, the data offer in Qweon will be expanded considerably with additional product groups; including spacers, wheel bolts & nuts and carriage bolts will be added in the near future.

With this new module you are able to offer wheel accessories to customers. These are easy to search by registration number, vehicle or via a number of smart filters.


Module Suspension

With the Suspension module, everything for the chassis can now also be offered via the Qweon sales packages, which are easy to search for based on registration number, vehicle, brand or specifications.

This includes the following parts:

  • Lowering springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Coilover kits
  • Stabilizers
  • Air suspension
  • Steering parts

This new module offers you the opportunity to generate extra turnover in a rapidly changing and complex market.

It is also possible to import own brands (OEM) into the various Suspension product groups to offer them within your own Qweon environment.