Garage software

A structured workplace is a must-have for any company where quality is key. The needs of customers are becoming more and more specific which makes planning, monitoring and evaluation of work increasingly important. After all, a dissatisfied customer is a threat to your company. Qweon has developed various solutions that contribute to maintaining structure and overview in the workplace. 


Workshop planner

With the Qweon workshop planner it is possible to schedule work in a efficient way. These can easily be linked to a location or a person. The work can be provided with pricing and any other details. It is possible to generate a work order or invoice directly from the planner.The Qweon workshop planner can be used separately within your company as a module or integrated into one of our packages. More information about the workshop planner can be found in the Module overview


Werkplaatsplanner 2.0 - Suitable for the counter

Our unique workshop planner 2.0 is only suitable for counter employees. From this planner it is possible to add tires or rims simultaneously with the choice of day + time, for example during assembly or repair work.