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As the owner of a webshop, it is extremely important that the range in your webshop is displayed and offered completely, clearly and correctly.

With this in mind, Qweon has developed a webshop especially for the tire and wheel specialist.
Both B2B and B2C customers can easily look up products and put together sets themselves. Thanks to smart filters and search options, the right product can be found and ordered online, even without any experience.

You have the option to display your own stock, but the stock of other suppliers can also be displayed on your own environment.

A customer can complete the entire order process online; put together a set, order, pay and make an assembly or delivery appointment.
Qweon can also provide websites in yoru desired style and advise on Google optimization and findability.

Below are some of the many standard and optional functionalities that the Qweon webshop package has to offer.


Extensive search functions

Search rims, tires or wheel accessories by license plate or by brand / model / type of vehicle:

Search tires by size (quick search) or by specifications:

Search rims by specifications:

Search Truck & agricultural tires by size (quick search) or by specifications:

Search TPMS sensors by specifications or brand:

Search suspension parts by specifications or brand:

Search centering rings by specifications or brand:


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