With our packages we help companies in the tire and wheel industry to solve problems and to create structure. Each package has its own worth to a different process. For example, you can choose for a solution in order to simplify the work for your counter employees, but we can also help setting up a webshop with tires and wheels. Qweon is the ideal partner when it comes to automation and digitization. 




As an extension to the basic packages, Qweon offers various modules. This modules were created by listening to our customer and his specific needs. We are convinced that this is an important thing to do for various reasons, for example we can develop new innovative modules. With our growing range of modules, Qweon strives to offer an all-encompassing solution.



API - Data Only

The database is the common thread of Qweon. Having hundreds of thousands of tire and rim data available enables us to offer unique solutions, including the Data Only solution. You only use our data in your own environment. We create a technical link for this via a 'so-called' web service. This enables you and your company to use our data. 

API: Data Only


Tailor-made websites

In addition to the products mentioned above, Qweon develops tailor-made websites including an integrated webshop. This enables us to create your whole online environment, the total online solution.