The basis for all our business software is that all data is centrally maintained in one mega database. As a company, you have no maintenance on this, but you do have access to it. With your own BackOffice you decide which data you want to use, depending on your existing suppliers, set your calculations and further preferences for offering your assortment.
Since 2012, Qweon has launched the independent software that distinguishes between different packages.
Due to the diversity of packages, these are suitable for both the smaller entrepreneur and the larger specialist and importers / wholesalers who are active in the tire and wheel industry.
For each package, a good look was taken at the most important spearhead for the tire and wheel industry; A quick and clear overview of the demand and supply on one page.
In the drop-down menu, the packages are explained one by one per page, with the most important spearheads per package. The page with the package and module overview also shows the different options.
Overview of packages Overview of Modules