What we do


What does Qweon?

Qweon develops software solutions for the tire and wheel industry. Our range of solutions has grown considerably in recent years, due to the increasing need for automation. In addition, our solutions help to 'become more digital', which is an important condition for the profitability of companies nowadays. 

We listen to our customers

Qweon is the executive party when it comes to developing software solutions. However, we devise and design these solutions in collaboration with our customers. After all, they know best which issues and problems arise in the industry. Due to a constant dialogue with our customers, we now feel and act as an industry specialist. The industry holds no secrets for us anymore. We have a broad spectrum of solutions. Every solution contributs at a specific level within a company:

  • Solutions for lagging online sales
  • Solutions for an inefficient way of purchasing
  • Solutions for the logistics
  • Solutions for the workplace 

Growing portfolio

Qweon has started offering only a counter package with the aim of simplifying the work for counter employees. The world of tires and rims can be quite confusing and complicated in some cases, we all know this. With the help of our database we have been able to make many processes more easy and clear. Using the vehicle or license plate search function, an overview of suitable tires or rims can be generated with just a few clicks. Ideal for counter staff, but also valuable as an integration within a webshop.