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With the Qweon workshop manager you are able to manage all matters around your workshop in your own back office. 

Within one clear screen you have access to various functionalities, including a planner and an overview of your work orders. With the workshop manager you create structure within your workshop and increase the ease of work for your employees.

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√ Plan your work clearly
The workshop manager includes a clear planner. In the back office you create activities that you can then plan, optionally linked to your staff. In addition, it is possible to create (work) locations that become visible in the planner.
√ Insight into your workshop history
Within the workshop manager you can gain insight into your workshop history within a few clicks. Enter a license plate, vehicle or person and any history will become visible to you and your colleagues.
√ Enter prices for your activities
You can provide the work you previously created with your own pricing policy. In addition to planning work, you can also handle it (financially). 
√ Link work orders to people and/or vehicles
You can easily link the work orders you create to a license plate, vehicle and person. We store that information for you, so that you always have a complete overview of work orders for that one vehicle or that one person. 
√ Handle your work orders easily
The complete handling of the work order can take place within the workshop manager. By entering a status, every employee knows whether action needs to be taken and by whom. 
√ Links with wholesalers
Optionally, we can create a link with wholesalers you do business with. This allows you to easily add parts and other types of products to a work order and also order them directly.