With the Wholesale package you can easily start selling tires, rims and other products online to your business customers. 

This way we stimulate your online sales and increase the ease of ordering for your business customers. In addition, this package is also suitable for internal use at the counter. We also simplify the work for your staff. 

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√ In addition to online sales, also suitable for your counter
Business customers can place orders in your online environment. However, the package can also be used internally to handle processes more efficiently. This way we quickly offer a real-time overview of stock and price information from affiliated suppliers.
√ Increases ordering convenience for your customers
Ordering by telephone or email can be a time-consuming process for your customers. Our filter options and search functions allow your customers to find the right product within seconds and then order it. The order will arrive to you automatically. 
√ Set prices and margins per customer group
You can create customer groups in the back office. For each customer group you can set specific margins and conditions that only apply to that customer group. 
√ Link business customers to a specific customer group
After the customer groups have been created, you can create business customers and link them to a customer group. This allows you to differentiate per customer and therefore charge different prices. So your customer always sees the correct price.
√ Shop only accessible to employees and customers
Your shop is only accessible through a login. You are responsible for generating these login details yourself and therefore always retain control over who can enter the shop, so no snoopers. 
√ Direct insight into product, stock and price information from suppliers
We establish a link with suppliers and manufacturers that you nominate yourself. This gives you direct access to product, stock and price information in the area. As a result, your customers always see the correct prices and your staff can quickly make decisions regarding (among other things) purchasing. 
√ Own stock is linkable
In addition to stock from suppliers, you can also add your own stock to the shop. This creates an additional revenue stream and broadens the ordering options for your customers.