Qweon module Tire hotel


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Qweon module Tire hotel 

For more and more companies, a tire hotel is an interesting source of income. For both consumers and B2B customers, the need for storage space is high. To keep a good and clear overview in the tire hotel, an expert registration is of vital importance. Our Bandenhotel module provides various ways to register and search for sets.

  Extra features
  • Registration of both B2C and B2B customers
  • Possibility of registration via scanning
  • Sort function by profile depth
  • Export to MS-Excel
  • Upload photos per set (optional)
  • Invoicing upon intake or issue (optional)
  • Search functions by license plate, name, stock location
                                  Up to    50 sets Up to 200 sets Up to 500 sets Up to 1000 sets  Up to 5000 sets 
Own customers
B2B customers (with own log in)     √
Print labels  √
Create stock locations
Import- and exportfunction
Equipped with bar codes
Sort-function by profile depth
Automatic invoicing possible
 Search window for tire hotel    Window for creation 0f a new set of tires