Qweon module CMS with pages


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  Qweon module CMS with pages, news and mailing 

Nowadays every company has to be found on the internet. A well-filled website is of great importance. With the CMS module, managing your own website is now even easier. By creating more pages with unique content (texts and images), the website is indexed better and therefore appears higher in the search results.

With the news module you can easily post news items, with its own date range per message, so you will never have outdated news items online again. This makes the website livelier which is appreciated by the search engines and your customers.

With the mailing module, reaching customers is now even easier. Choose a category, create a mailing, add images and communicate with your customers.


  • Create and manage pages yourself
  • Create and manage multiple subpages per page
  • Google optimization by indicating important keywords
  • Unlimited number of images to load
  • Unlimited number of videos binding
  • Determine the layout and layout of the content yourself
  • Easily post news items
  • Manage mailing lists yourself
  • Prepare mailing for customers


 Extra features

  • Better visibility on the internet
  • Higher ranking at search engines
  • More visitors on your website