Stimulate your online sales by selling tires, rims and other products to both private individuals and business customers. 

The Webshop package gives you all the insights at the counter regarding internal sales and can be used indefinitely for both B2B and B2C customers. In your own back office you set everything up so that customers are optimally served at the front.  

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√ In addition to your own webshop, it is also suitable for counter activities
Both business customers and private individuals can place orders in your online environment. However, the package can also be used internally to handle processes more efficiently. This way we quickly offer a real-time overview of stock and price information from affiliated suppliers.
√ Your own online showroom
Consumers are increasingly orientating themselves online before placing an order. Your online shop gives every consumer insight into the products you offer. This will make the consumer more likely to order from you instead of from your competitor.
√ Shop is freely accessible to consumers
Every consumer can visit your online shop. In that sense, the potential target group is very large. This is also good for word-of-mouth advertising and your brand awareness.
√ Business customers receive a login
Where consumers can always visit the online shop, you can provide business customers with login details. By logging in, they gain insight into the prices that apply to them and can place orders immediately. 
√ Apply your pricing policy per customer group
It is obvious that consumers pay a different price for your products than business customers. In addition, it may be desirable to also make a distinction between your business customers in terms of pricing policy. All this is possible through our customer groups.
√ Direct insight into product, stock and price information from suppliers
We establish a link with suppliers and manufacturers that you nominate yourself. This gives you direct access to product, stock and price information in your own environment. As a result, your customers always see the correct prices and your staff can quickly make decisions regarding (among other things) purchasing. 
√ Own stock is linkable
In addition to stock from suppliers, you can also add your own stock to the shop. This creates an additional revenue stream and also broadens the ordering options for your customers.