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In addition to the different range of packages, we also offer various separately available modules. These modules can be purchased in combination with one of the packages, but also as a supplement to your own package.

At this moment we can offer the following extra modules:

  • Module License plate : Link for vehicle recognition based on NL license plate.
  • Module TPMS : searching module for suitable TPMS sensors by vehicle or rim.
  • Module Inventory management system (coming soon)
  • Module Workshop planner : the appointment planner for internal and / or external use
  • Module Tire hotel : the stock management module for issuing and storing seasonal tires.
  • Module Truck tires : the special module for truck tires.
  • Module Suspension (coming soon)
  • Module Vehicle and workshop history (to follow)
  • Module CMS with pages : the back office to manage the content of your website, news and mailing list yourself.

In addition, we continue to develop additional modules for the future, for example the modules Purchasing, Inventory registration, Suspension, Wheel locks, Wheel bolts / nuts ....