Provide your application or webshop with correct vehicle data? Our powerful API ensures that you can easily see which tires / rims / TPMS sensors and more fit on a vehicle.

An API by programmers for programmers

Easier implementation in your system ensures that we have more time to further improve Qweon software.


For developers

Easily develop a tire or rim site without knowledge of tires or rims.

Reliable collaboration

Qweon has been around for almost 10 years and is therefore a reliable player on the market with a high uptime so that there are no worries.

Help if needed

We are directly accessible by telephone and e-mail.

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Search by license plate

Send us a license plate and we will provide you with information about the vehicle in question. Qweon hereby provides information about the appropriate (alloy) rims and tires. This allows you to easily use the API in a webshop or application for consumers.

Vehicle types / versions

Provide your system with a complete list of brands / models / types? Via the Qweon API this is easy to keep up-to-date with the latest variants.

Search by vehicle

From Alfa Romeo to Volvo, from a BMW 1-Series to Z8 we are the expert in data for the tires and wheel industry. Indicate which vehicle and type, we provide a list of suitable rims, tires, etc.

Product information

No time to manage products? Qweon can provide data for specific products. Tires and rims product pages are easy to set up with the data we provide.

Stock of yourself and your suppliers

Easily retrieve a combined stock and price from you and your suppliers. You can indicate your own price calculation through the Qweon management system and thus maintain direct control over your margins. Qweon has connections and various coupling options with many suppliers of tires and rims. This makes inventory and price linking easier than ever.

Filtering as it should be

To provide a good service to the users of your system or webshop, filtering is of great importance. We provide suitable filters for rims and tires, among other things, so that you can implement filters without problems.


The API for the tires and wheel industry

The prices and options for our API are always on request.
Thanks to our extensive options, we are happy to put together a customized offer for you.

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