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Online business in the tire and wheel industry

It is a recurring trend in almost every industry: the increasing importance of working online. The tire and wheel industry is no exception. Not always easy, after all, we operate in a traditional industry with complex products and services. Nevertheless, steps must be taken at the online level to ensure a stable future. But where do you start as an entrepreneur? In this blog we take you through some steps you can take to make a difference online. 


Automate business processes

Automating business processes sounds as a complicated thing to do, but thats not the case. By applying digital methodologies to normal manual work, you will notice that the overall process becomes more easy and soon leads to acceptance among employees. In addition to saving time and costs, this also contributes to the motivation and willingness to work of colleagues. 

Think, for example, of scheduling reparations and other activities, how does this currently work within your company? Paperwork is likely involved. By automating, you can plan activities linked to license plate number, vehicle or person with just a few clicks. Activities with a pre-set price, so that the settlement is also largely automated. You take all these steps in an online environment provided by Qweon. 

The same applies to the purchasing process. In Qweon you generate with one click an overview of suppliers where the tire or rim you are looking for is in stock, including price and delivery time. This means you always make the right choice, but also the quickest choice when it comes to purchasing tires or rims. Read more about our solutions. 

a Webshop with wheels and tires

Your own webshop with the products you carry, an exemplary example of online entrepreneurship. But here too, where to start? Tires and rims have many detailed specifications. Qweon's database containing all data from, among other things, hundreds of thousands of tires and rims offers a way out. By linking our database to stock lists of your suppliers, we automatically make the products you carry visible in your own shop environment. In this environment, both business and private customers can search for suitable tires and rims on the basis of, for example, vehicle, license plate or inch size and then order them. 

This method can lead to an increase in turnover on an online level. In addition, do not underestimate the 'online showroom' function. You can go through your range online. Given the complexity of the product, in many cases the order can still be passed on by e-mail or telephone, no problem at all, right?

Software specialist in the tire and wheel industry

Setting up a webshop is another example of decisive online entrepreneurship, in addition to the story about automation. Over the years, Qweon has emerged as an industry specialist when it comes to data and software solutions. By listening to our customers and their problems and challenges, we today offer a wide spectrum of Solutions for purchasing, workshop or a webshop, please consult our website for more information.



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