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Qweon comes with a new truck module

Qweon comes with a new truck module. This module was newly developed to also use the truck tires from the data already recorded in the database. The module can be used as an extension to the tires, rims and TPMS sensors for passenger cars or as a single module.

Search screen
Alle All known brands of truck tires are included in the Qweon database, with the accompanying images. There is an extensive search screen to find the right truck tire with the price and availability. It is possible to filter by truck type, axle and appliance. It is also possible to filter by season with the choice of M + S and / or Snowflake marking.

New and covered
In addition, a distinction is made between new and renewed in the range of truck tires. This filtering is included in the search criteria.
A quotation based on the truck tire data can be made easily and quick.

The message can be found on http://www.bandenportaal.nl/2017/06/06/qweon-komt-met-module-voor-truckbanden


Source: Qweon data engines