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New webshop design available at Qweon B.V.

Qweon B.V. has started offering a new Webshop design on the new D6 platform as a provider of specialist software solutions for the tire & wheel industry. The design is therefore fully "responsive" and ensures an optimal web experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

With this new platform, the latest technical options have been applied, combined with the latest features of Web Design. This further optimizes the options for customers who are using the Qweon sales package. Of course this new platform also uses Qweon's mega-database.

The continuously growing database, which is maintained by Qweon in collaboration with manufacturers, importers and distributors, always contains the most up-to-date data.

With the introduction of the D6 platform, various new features are being applied, including:

  • Large quick search bar, which allows you to search for everything in the webshop
  • Choose between 3 layout views of search results
  • Extensive display, results are detailed below each other across the full page width
  • List display, compact overview tailored to the professional (B2B) user
  • Tile display, larger overview focused on the end user (B2C)
  • Find rims by offset value in a range from minimum to maximum offset value
  • Display of search filters adjustable per customer, in desired order and whether or not to show
  • Numbers adjustable before the products go to the shopping cart

In addition, it is possible to create additional own products and / or services via the underlying CMS and to display them in the shop environment.

In this way, Qweon offers its customers the opportunity to professionalize sales.


Source: Qweon data engines