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Our database as an engine for your organization

In an earlier blog we wrote about online entrepreneurship in the tire and wheel industry. Not easy, but certainly not impossible with the help of software solutions. Setting up a webshop with tires and rims was one of the examples for better profiling at an online level. The Qweon database is the first step. In this blog we will tell you more about our database.

The origins of our database

It is common knowledge that in the tire and wheel industry we deal with many products with many specifications. Setting up and maintaining product lists and linking them to vehicles quickly becomes an impossible task for entrepreneurs. At Qweon we like to think in terms of solutions, so we started setting up a database containing all the data on (now) hundreds of thousands of tires, rims and other wheel accessories. Having direct insight into thousands of data ensures a more efficient way of working and also means that more time is freed up for other activities.

From product data to vehicle data

In the past we started organizing and structuring tire and rim data. Over the years, TPMS data and data relating to the chassis have been added. We link this product data to vehicle data, making it possible to search for suitable products based on a vehicle or license plate within a few clicks. In this way we simplify the work for counter staff and help consumers find suitable products.

Collecting this data is one thing, but maintaining it is at least as important and labor intensive. New vehicles are being released all the time. As Qweon, we want to pick this up immediately and process it in our database. Our aim is to be a leader in the field of product and vehicle data. Below is a selection from our database, we have data from:

  • 398.000 alloy wheels
  • 95.602 tires
  • 3.151 TPMS sensors

Stock links

Then there is the link with stocks from suppliers with whom our customer does business. By providing an overview of these stocks with associated prices and delivery times, we create a total solution for our customer. In addition to having insight into product and vehicle data, the customer will in no time have an idea of ??suppliers where the ordering conditions are the most advantageous. This not only saves them time, but potentially also money.

In the meantime, we continue to work on keeping our database up to date. A continuous and endless process in which we are happy to invest energy. In combination with our modules, we help customers become future-proof. Consult our website or contact us for more information.

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