Qweon module Truck


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Qweon module Truck, all truck tires a mouse click away

The Truck module is a new Qweon module for the truck tire specialist who also wants to experience the ease and speed of our software. With truck tires, unlike passenger car tires, there is a specific difference in the axle, the application and the profile. In our module these options can be selected separately so that you can search and filter in a targeted way.

This quickly leads to the desired search result, whereby it is immediately visible under which purchasing conditions Truck tires can be delivered or not at their own suppliers.

The module can be purchased as an extension to Qweon's "normal" tire and rim package or as stand-alone software for truck specialists.

  • New and renewed (retread) truck tires present
  • Sorting options by truck type
  • Search functions by position and application
  • Truck tires with correct images
  • Adjustable with delivery times from the supplier
  • Including all seasons and M + S and Snowflake codes


Extra features

  • Additional search functions such as vehicle type and deployment
  • Truck tires sorted per axle, displayed per season
  • Both summer and winter tires
  • Up-to-date gross price list of importers

 Truck tire module with several search- and sort posibilities

Truck tires module is also available as stand alone package, ask for the possibilities.