Qweon module TPMS


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Qweon TPMS module 


Since the introduction of legislation on TPMS (or RDKS) sensors, the demand for TPMS sensors has increased enormously and will increase even more in the coming years. A number of factors apply to the correct operation of a TPMS sensor. The year of construction of a car or the enrollment procedure are some of these. You can also link all your suppliers for sensors. The learning procedure, which is different in many cases, is displayed with the search results. In this way you always have the correct information.

  • To be used as a separate module and connectable to almost all Qweon software products
  • Teach-in procedures are shown with the search results found
  • TMPS database can also be used as Data on Request
  • Immediately clear which sensor is available
  • TPMS sensors linked to rim and car