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Desk software: Desk Pro


By setting your own conditions and margins in the back office, you have immediate insight into your own personalized environment which suppliers offer the product with stock quantities, prices and delivery times.

You have all the information quickly and clearly on one screen, allowing you to quickly contact your customer. With the Desk Pro package you simplify the work for yourself and your colleagues in all areas. 

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√ Can be used internally by all employees
The counter environment is accessible to all employees via a login. You decide who will and who will not receive a login. You work in the cloud, which means you can log in at any location.
√ Direct insight into product information from affiliated suppliers
Qweon has a gigantic database containing all the data on hundreds of thousands of tires and rims. In your counter environment you can choose from a variety of filter options and search functions. We will then immediately show you the requested information. Naturally, we only show products from suppliers and manufacturers with whom you do business. 
√ Direct insight into stock information from affiliated suppliers
Qweon establishes a link with manufacturers and suppliers that you nominate yourself. This allows us to show real-time stock information in your counter environment. This helps you with purchasing and enables you to provide customers with correct information. 
√ Direct insight into price information from affiliated suppliers
In addition to stock information, we also show the correct price information that we receive from your supplier or manufacturer. This also helps you make the right purchasing decision, you never pay too much. 
√ Set your own conditions and margins
In the back office you can enter margins and conditions according to your own wishes. This ensures that you always see the correct (sales) price and delivery information at the front. Your employees can quickly provide customers with targeted and, above all, correct information.  
√ Easily process orders behind the counter
Once you have set everything up correctly and the front page shows the correct prices and rates, you can easily create orders behind the counter and then process them. 
√ Prepare quotations with always correct prices
Your customer may wish to receive a quote before making a final decision. Using our quote button you can easily put together a quote and send it out. Here again with correct and real-time information.